Made in Canada (Ontario).


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Designed for frontliners/health care workers.


Components highlights

Foam: Polyurethane Material 

Frame: Polypropylene Material - Lightweight & Flexible Design

Closeout on top for maximum protection. 

Strap: Thermoplastic vulcanizates material

Visor: Polycarbonate Material

Size Specs: Visor circumferances length: 29-30 cm, overall height 21-22 cm, Frame 15-18 cm head width, strap & foam 15-20 cm head length. 


Other product features:

Strap: stretchy & durable - elongation at Break > 200%.

Visor: High optical transmittance >85% ISO D 1003.


Sold as single units or multiples with limit up to 5 shields per order.


Manufacturer Claims:

"Class 1 Medical Device Establishment Licensed.

High quality injection molded PPE design with enhanced features that put the needs of front line workers first. Designed and engineered for durability, all our materials are marked with recycling codes to ensure minimal environmental impact. All Produced 100% in Canada under a fully approved class 1 medical manufacturing license."



Unless advised, no brand substitutions permitted.

We are continuing to source quality PPE products sold at fair market prices. Unfortunatley, we do not price match. 


Premium Face Shield - Made in Canada

SKU: Premium Face Shield
  • Refund Policy: No refunds or exchanges 

    Care: Handle with care. Avoid dropping. Do not rest product on clear plastic shield, sanitize after use with gentlecloth, eco-friendly liquid soap and warm water. Keep visor clear with eco-friendly glass cleaner using papertowel or clean gentle (non-abrasive) cloth.